The cards of a Bridge Of Rock pack carry the colors and numbers of the well-known 52-card deck, thus they work for any classical card game. As an addition cards have one or two instrument icons, and against standards, all cards are face cards — more over these boys and girls are the members of a band. (Any similarity with real names or faces are just a coincidence!)

The rules of the ever popular bridge and poker games you can read on Wikipedia.

Bridge is an excellent game (a sport even!), but I bet you (like me) rather play poker :)

Let's start a band! — A game with instruments

The aim of the game is to have fun, and to build an ensemble by changing the cards. The dealer shuffles the pack, then deals 4-4 cards to all players and himself too. The rest of the pack will be the stock, which takes its place in the middle with face down.

The players are allowed to see their own cards only. The player on dealer's left starts the game. After checking his cards, he decides which one will be dropped, then takes a new one from the stock. At the end of the turn players can play their band out — if they have any.



bass guitar



The members of the band can play in the same style (that's the true winner combination/hand), but they can be simply a group of fitting musicians. In case there are more players with such a diverse band, the combination with the most members from the same style is the winner.

If there's no clean winner, then all player gains a point who can name a real band with the combination of musicians he has — preferably but not necessary keeping their gender in mind too!

Having musicians with two instruments, players may choose the one or the other, or both in case one of them is a microphone.

It's not mandatory to play out a band, player can risk another round and wait for a better combination.

Listen! It's important to have a four-member band! And players can't say the same band name while having the same combination of instruments.

If no-one plays a band out, a new turn begins. In case players run out of cards from the stock, and still no band on the table, shuffle the dropped cards and re-use them.

Players may want to write down the name of the bands, and the game may last till someone has a full 'festival program' with 5-10-15 bands.

Variation #1 — To make it easier, players can take cards first, and drops after.

Variation #2 — Dealing 5 cards to everyone makes the game more difficult, as players must build a five-member band.

Variation #3 — To make it even more difficult, you can choose to play with strict gender combination.

By taking out two colors from the pack (one red and one black preferably), you can play memory game or — adding a Joker-card — Black Peter.

Rocker Poker — The instrumental accompaniment

You can raise the level of your poker hand by two if you are also having a band too from your cards.

This combination below is the weakest one in poker. But having a 10 drummer instead of 10 bassist, that would be a cool band, and the combination would have the level of two pairs.

In Texas Hold'Em version, the open cards on the table can be the session musicians in your band :)

Bridge Of Rock 'Festival' — The list of performers

The bands on the cards are The Four Rocks (hard rock), Purple Rose (stadion rock/metal), Orion Sails (folk metal), Smell The Sunrise (metalcore), Girlscrape (hardcore/punk), Soultribe (dark/stoner metal), Status Octavi (prog metal), Septic Schizos (death/thrash metal), Nordsvart (black metal), Grace Corrosion (industrial metal), Yesterday Prom (rockabilly metal), Dark Lips (goth rock), Temple Of Rain (grunge).

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Illustrations: Vass Richárd   @vassrich
Game design, layout and website: Posta János   @oldhillkreative

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